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[[Outside the palace. looking down, possibly a view from the balcony of the Emperor's throne room. The head and a tentacle of an enemy walker are in near closeup. The walker towers over a sea of Greys, who appear to be surging toward it. One of the Greys stands above the others, gestures toward the walker with some sort of stick in his hand, and yells to the crowd. It might be Planck wielding his mop handle, but there is no mop stuck to his head.]]
Grey: Drones! ATTACK!

[[Down in the crowd, Planck, Pi, and Todd watch the attack. Planck, who still has the mop head stuck to his scalp, smiles and pumps one arm while holding the mop handle in his other hand. Pi frowns, and Todd looks up toward the walker.]]
Planck: We're slowing them down!
Pi: Yes, but at what cost? We're losing too many drones as it is. There's just too many of them.

[[Pi and Todd are seen from another angle. Pi still frowns. Todd's expression is neutral.]]
Pi: I don't see why we are "defending" the throne room in the first place. Earth is lost. What purpose could taking on these walkers possibly serve?

[[Todd's face in closeup; he frowns.]]
Todd, thinking: Not that you'd understand, but giving my parents enough of a distraction to escape, for one...

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