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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Nick is operating the MUTeX's controls. Dexter and an unconscious Trudy have helmets on, while Ki is about to put hers on]]
Nick: Don't worry... I'll be in the next batch. I promise.
Ki: After all we've been through, you'd better be.

[[Ki puts on her helmet as Nick operates the controls and Fooker and Nega-Chuck fight an alien in the background]]
Nick: I love you.
Ki: I love you too.

[[Nick operates the MUTeX, sending Ki back to her home dimension]]

[[Ki appears in front of a smiling Dwayne and a surprised Yoshi, and takes her helmet off as she smiles]]
Dwayne: Now that's a sight I've been waiting to see.
Yoshi: That was wicked kewl.

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