General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The emperor's throne room. Fooker and the alternate Chuck are in the foreground. Nick stands in the background, arms extended as if he is working with the MUTEX, which is off panel.]]
Nick: Alright, space marines! It's time for your evac procedure!
Alternate Chuck: Go! We'll hold them off!

[[Near the MUTEX. Agent 18 and another agent already have their helmets on. Agent 18 is scowling. Maddie holds her helmet, about to put it on.]]
Agent 18: I hate leaving a fight unfinished.
Maddie: Considering this is a losing fight, I'd rather retreat while we still can.

[[Justin is putting on his helmet in the background. Fooker holds his helmet in his hands and speaks to Nick with a worried look on his face.]]
Fooker: Nick, I know I'm no expert, but aren't you forgetting something?
Nick: I don't think so. Coordinates set, six people to six helmets...

[[Fooker and Nick. A closeup of Fooker's face shows a very worried expression.]]
Fooker: Yeah, but Fred usually drives, and he's back in the home universe. If you're coming, who's gonna steer?

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