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[[The emperor's throne room. At center, Trudy (or possibly alternate Trudy) appears to be examining the MUTEX controls, looking down and frowning in concentration. From the left, Fooker (with most of his face obscured by the Sunday-style logo) and Nick look at Trudy (or alternate Trudy). Throughout the strip, the bags under Nick's eyes are obvious. From a doorway at the right, Chuck scowls as he speaks.]]
Trudy or alternate Trudy: I'll steer, so long as Nick tells me what buttons to push, and I have a moment alone with him first.
Chuck: Make it quick. _WE_ need to get out of here as well.

[[Trudy (or alternate Trudy) and Nick are appear to be alone in the throne room. Trudy (or alternate Trudy) seems to be frowning.]]
Trudy or alternate Trudy: Nick, I know we haven't had time to talk, and we don't really have time now. But I want you to know I'm sorry for all the horrible things I've done to you and the others. I'm not asking for forgiveness, just that you acknowledge my apology.

[[Trudy's (or alternate Trudy's) face is sad.]]
Trudy (or alternate Trudy): I used you, lied to you, tried to seduce you, and betrayed you. I don't deserve to be forgiven, but _she_ deserves a new life, and you'll be instrumental in convincing the others to accept her.

[[The viewpoint shifts to somewhere above Nick and Trudy (or alternate Trudy). Her face is more relaxed.]]
Nick: Trudy...
Trudy (or alternate Trudy): Let me finish. I want you and Ki to be happy. You belong together. Just give the other me a second chance. Promise me that.

[[The viewpoint shifts back to their level.]]
Trudy (or alternate Trudy): She'll be disoriented and confused. She won't be herself. Be patient with her. She'll have a lot of readjustments to make. Is this okay?
Nick: I promise, _and_ I forgive you. Is there anything else?

[[Trudy or alternate Trudy pulls Nick close and, eyes closed, kisses him. He is obviously very surprised: his eyes are wide, and, for the moment, the fatigue disappears from his face.]]
Trudy (or alternate Trudy): Just... this.

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