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[[The emperor's throne room. Trudy or alternate Trudy speaks to Nick with a sad look on her face. It looks like her hands are on his shoulders. The dark circle has reappeared under Nick's one visible eye.]]
Trudy or alternate Trudy: I meant what I said years ago in New York, and it's taken me all this time to be sure I was right. I _do_ love you. I'm not asking you to love me back. You have Ki, and that's the way it should be.

[[Trudy or alternate Trudy and Nick are in the background now. Her hands are off his shoulders, possibly holding his hands. In the foreground, Fooker's profile is seen close up, with his one visible eye half-closed. It is hard to tell whether he is embarrassed at what he's seeing or just wants Trudy's "farewell scene" to be over so they can go home.]]
Trudy or alternate Trudy: I just want you to know I've changed, and I'm not going to squander _my_ second chance either. If I can't have you, I want to make you proud of what I become.

[[Trudy or alternate Trudy hugs Nick again, and smiles.]]
Trudy or alternate Trudy: Goodbye, Nick. Have a wonderful life. Have a bunch of kids, or at least sentient artificial intelligences. Be _happy_, both of you. That's all I could ever want.

[[Nick walks away from Trudy or alternate Trudy and looks back at her as he speaks. She gives him a sad smile.]]
Nick: Goodbye, Trudy, and good luck.

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