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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Ki, Sharon, Yoshi and Dwayne are waiting for news. Dexter is on the sofa watching over the still-unconscious Trudy.]]
Ki: The wait is killing me... Dwayne, call Fred again. Ask if the others got back okay.
Dwayne: Ki, I just called two minutes ago.

[[Sharon and Yoshi stare at Dexter and Trudy. Yoshi seems to be reacting to something.]]
Ki [[off panel]]: Then call again!
Dwayne [[off panel]]: Fred said he'd call as soon as they came through.
Dexter: Two minutes? Maybe time flows different while dimension hopping...

[[Sharon and Ki stand together as Dwayne answers the phone.]]
Ki: Oh God... please let it be them.
Dwayne: Hello?

Dwayne [[giving a thumbs-up sign]]: It's Fred. He's got five very tired UGA agents and one even more tired groom wearing funny helmets in Nick's laboratory.
Ki [[hugging Sharon]]: WE DID IT!

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