General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Outside the palace. In the distance, the sky is filled with spaceships over the city skyline, and on the ground, an enemy walker appears to attack a couple of Greys. Overhead, a shuttlecraft flies toward the left, away from the palace on the right. In the foreground, Pi and Planck watch the shuttle. Pi's face looks angry, and he may be shaking his fist. Half of Planck's face is still blue, and the mop head is still stuck to his scalp.]]
Pi: The Imperial shuttle! The Emperor is escaping!
Planck: Should we be happy or mad about that?

[[The scene shifts slightly. Mischief appears above and behind Todd, smiling as she greets him. Todd looks back over his left shoulder at her. In this panel and the rest of the strip, the tops of a large number of Greys' heads are visible in the background.]]
Mischief: Hey, Todd!
Todd: Mischief! Did my parents get out okay?

[[Mischief is still smiling as she speaks to Todd. Planck's blue profile appears in closeup in the foreground.]]
Mischief: Sure enough! I watched them cross the barrier a little bit ago and sealed what was left of the breech. Everyone is back except for the three of us.
Planck: Who's he talking to?

[[Mischief continues to smile. Planck looks at Pi as he addresses him, but Pi, Todd, and Mischief are all looking at something off panel in the left foreground direction. Todd shades his eyes with one hand, and Pi's eyes are open extremely wide with astonishment.]]
Mischief: And you'll never believe what I saw as I popped into this dimension...
Planck: Pi, do you see...
Pi: By the great mother test tube...

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