General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Outside the Emperor's palace. In the background, there is a multitude of Greys and an enemy walker or two. Pi, with his back to Planck, points into the air. Planck watches as Mischief grabs Todd under his arms from behind and levitates above the crowd with him. Todd looks back over his shoulder to look at Mischief as he replies to her.]]
Mischief: Did you see where the Boss went? I haven't found him yet...
Todd: He's here? I thought _I_ was here because _he_ couldn't be.

[[Back on the ground, Pi and Planck are in closeup. Planck looks dismayed. Pi has a huge evil grin on his face and seems to be pumping his fist in victory.]]
Planck: Should I be concerned that I just saw a flying human girl pick up that trench coat kid and fly off thataway?
Pi: Quiet, Planck! We've got some revenge to be had!

[[Mischief and Todd appear to be flying; their hair is windblown, and there are spaceships in the air behind them. Mischief holds Todd with an arm across his chest, a bit like the lifesaving stroke in swimming. Mischief looks ahead, while Todd looks and points back to the palace.]]
Mischief: I know he was tracking down our culprit, but since I didn't see any other spheres around, I thought he must be in here somewhere...
Todd: That palace is about to blow...

[[About half of Mischief's face is seen in extreme closeup. She looks with concern off to the side toward a building or possibly a spaceship. Some sort of machine, maybe a walker, is partway through a window.]]
Mischief: It's okay. I've stopped time for everyone but us. We should be out of here in no... Oh, no... It can't be...

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