General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Mischief holds Todd as they fly toward a window into the emperor's throne room. In the distance, the sky is filled with spaceships. Part of an enemy walker, possibly wrecked, is in the throne room. Mischief appears anxious.]]
Mischief: He's in the throne room. I can feel him, but just barely.
Todd: Why? Is he hurt? _Can_ he be hurt?

[[Mischief and Todd stand in the throne room, looking around in different directions. The room seems cluttered with debris. Mischief continues to look concerned.]]
Mischief: Not in a mortal sense. No mortal could have the power to injure an entity, but _another_ entity might. Fighting is banned by the counsel, though.

[[Mischief and Todd continue to look around. Mischief is horrified: her jaw drops, her head shakes as if recoiling, her hand comes toward her mouth; presumably, her expression changes as she finishes her speech in this panel.]]
Mischief: We are beings of pure energy and thought. This visage you see is for your (forgive me) primitive corporeal mind to comprehend. So we can't be hurt as you would under... _NO!_

[[Mischief and Todd both look up at a small ball of light, no bigger than the palm of Mischief's hand, slightly above their heads. Todd looks at it with a puzzled expression. Mischief is sad and raises her right hand toward the light.]]
Todd: What... is _that_?
Mischief: It's... all that's left of him...

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