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[[The throne room. Mischief holds a ball of light in her hands, which she said in the previous strip is all that is left of the Gamester. She looks down at the light with concern. Todd also looks at the light.]]
Todd: Is he... dead?
Mischief: No. We can't die, not in your sense of the word. But he can cease to exist.

[[Mischief continues to look at the light in her hands, still looking concerned. Todd looks at her.]]
Todd: That's a semantic debate for another time. Will he be all right?
Mischief: I... don't know. I-I've never had to d-deal with this b-before...

[[Mischief continues to look down at the light in her hands, with a sad expression on her face. Todd frowns as if he is thinking hard.]]
Mischief: I... don't know what to do, Todd. He's fading. I can give him a small measure of my essence... but that won't stabilize him.
Todd: Forgive the crude metaphor, but is there such a thing as an extra-dimensional hospital?

[[Todd and Mischief disappear in a flash, each leaving a silhouette of light.]]
Mischief: No... But I think I know of somewhere to find help.

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