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[[The celestial nursery. Mischief looks with concern at the large gem where she has placed the ball of light that is all that is left of the Gamester. In the background, Todd, his expression neutral, looks at Mischief.]]
Mischief: He's stabilized. That's good. That means he's not getting weaker. But he's not getting stronger yet either.

[[Todd and Mischief look at each other, their faces in closeup. Mischief looks a bit puzzled.]]
Todd: How long will this take?
Mischief: You're thinking linearly again. But... I can't think of a better way to explain it so you could understand.
Todd: A simple "I don't know" would suffice.

[[Todd and Mischief sit on the floor between the large gem that contains the Gamester and another gem. Mischief slumps forward, her arms around her knees, and looks down with a sad or worried expression. Todd leans back against the wall behind them, with his left knee up and his left arm draped over it, looking up with a neutral expression.]]
Mischief: I... don't know.
Todd: So... we wait.
Mischief: We wait.

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