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[[Ki is on the phone, calling Nick with Yoshi, Dwayne and Sharon in the background and Trudy sleeping on a couch]]
Ki: GIVE ME THAT PHONE! Nick? Say something. Say anything. I just want to hear your voice... to know you're okay.

[[Nick is on the phone with Ki, with Fooker, Justin, Maddie Agent #18 and Fred]]
Nick: I'm here, and we're all fine. The Mutex and Velociraptor have been shut down and the link to the other universe has severed. It's finally over.

[[Scene shifts back to Ki]]
Ki: I wish we didn't end up on opposite sides of the country...
Nick: That was a safety precaution. Using Yoshi's Mutex clone meant one helmet per person. Reusing one could have been dangerous.

[[Scene shifts back to Nick]]
Nick: But I'm sure the UGA can arrange some emergency transportation to get you guys back on this coast soon enough.
Ki: That's right. I seem to recall something about a wedding...

[[Nick looks tired]]
Ki: We told everyone to stay in town, that it was just delayed. It shouldn't be a problem to pick up as soon as we get back.
Nick: Actually... let's push it back another day or two...

[[Scene shifts back to Ki, who has a slight grin on her face]]
Nick: Keep in mind, I haven't had any sleep in about three days...
Ki: And you're not getting in any on our honeymoon, so you better get it in now...

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