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[[The living room. Dexter sits behind the couch and looks down at Trudy, who is lying on it, appearing unconscious. In the foreground, Yoshi looks in their general direction.]]
Yoshi: Wow... So Nick the nerd is the one that designed Trudy's power source... and hooked up to his VR, the two become an interdimensional transport.

[[Yoshi rubs his hands together in satisfaction, with an extremely evil grin on his face. Behind him, Sharon looks over her shoulder at him, her eyes wide with mild surprise.]]
Yoshi: Think of all the kewl things I could do with this! It's like Stargate-SG1, only awesome! I could go anywhere, do anything! In some other universe, I could be a god!

[[Sharon crosses her arms and narrows her eyes. Yoshi's eyes go very wide and his head jerks with unpleasant surprise.]]
Sharon: Don't get too cocky, kid. Now that you know my boyfriend's a spy, you _know_ he's probably going to wipe your memories of this thing and this whole incident...

[[Yoshi runs away screaming in despair, his arms flung in the air. Sharon, her arms still folded, looks after him with grim satisfaction.]]
Sharon, thinking: Ah... Teen geek angst.

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