General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The living room. Trudy remains unconscious on the couch, and Dexter is still sitting behind her. Ki and Yoshi look down at her from the left and right, respectively. Yoshi points toward Trudy.]]
Yoshi: So... _This_ Trudy... She's from a different universe?
Ki: With a totally different history, personality, and memories.

[[Dwayne stands behind Yoshi; Dexter looks up at Dwayne.]]
Dwayne: How will she integrate into our world? Our Trudy is a wanted criminal world-wide.
Dexter: The UGA can give her a new identity, like someone in a witness protection program.

[[Ki, Dexter, and Sharon look at Dwayne.]]
Dwayne: Well, I guess we owe her for helping us. She'll need a job. We've been without a marketing director since Trent left. Do you think you guys could work with her?

[[Ki looks down at Trudy, who still appears to be unconscious.]]
Ki: Well, _she_ didn't tear GPF apart and nearly take over the world. I agree, we're in her debt, me most of all. I say she's in.

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