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[[Nick's apartment. Fooker is wearing the uniform of the Emperor's guard and seems to be adjusting it or trying to scratch his arm through it or maybe trying to take it off. His face looks a bit beat up from the battle, and he has a black eye. Maddie and Agent 18 are wearing black U.G.A. jumpsuits. Both of them appear unharmed.]]
Maddie: Well done, team. We achieved our objective with zero casualties.
Fooker: And gained a couple interesting Halloween costumes...

[[In the foreground, Maddie looks intently at Fooker as she speaks to him. In the background, Nick is visible in outline, sitting and holding his left hand to his ear, presumably talking on the phone with Ki.]]
Maddie: It was... good working with you again, Jason. It hasn't been the same since you "retired." But seeing Murphy in action tells me you probably ended up on the right path.

[[Fooker and Maddie continue their conversation. The background is blank.]]
Fooker: Thank you, by the way, for not trying to kill her when you saw her again. After Paris...
Maddie: Murphy won you fair and square. I'm a big girl. I learned to move on.

[[Fooker's face has an evil grin. Maddie smiles gently and looks toward Justin in the background. He is looking off to one side, away from Fooker and Maddie, and is also still wearing his Emperor's guard uniform.]]
Fooker: Moved on, eh? Who's the lucky guy? Anyone I might know?
Maddie: You could say I'm keeping it in the family...

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