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[[Nick's apartment. Fooker is still wearing the uniform of the emperor's guard, and his face looks banged up. Fred is behind his left shoulder, on a table or another piece of furniture.]]
Fred: Fooker, I should warn you, I haven't seen Persephone since you guys left. I've been stuck here so I couldn't look for her.
Fooker: She's okay, Fred. She's with Ki.

[[Fred gestures with a couple of pseudopods, as if they were hands. He may be shrugging.]]
Fred: Good. I lost track of her at the non-wedding, and I've had the cell off to cut out distractions. Dr. Phil, Glen Beck, and Katie Couric all want me on the same day, and that "Socrates" nut won't take a hint...

[[Fooker is still looking away from Fred. Both are seen in profile.]]
Fred: Fooker? Are you listening?

[[Fooker looks toward Fred, so that the back of his head is toward the "audience" and his expression is not visible. A large question mark hangs in the air over Fred's head.]]
Fooker: Not now, Fred. We need to talk... but not right now.
Fred: ?

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