General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Fooker, Justin and Maddie are talking]]
Justin: Well, time to pack up our toys and go home.
Fooker: Aw, c'mon, guys. I'm sure Amadeus wouldn't mind if you stuck around for the wedding.

[[Agent 18 and a female agent are seen]]
Agent 18: Well, we could use some extra time to come up with an explanation of why we left with one of our most notorious prisoners and returned with a request to grant her "twin" a new identity.

[[Jason, Justin, Maddie and the female agent are visible]]
Maddie: {{to Fooker}} Actually, while your invitation is appreciated, shouldn't it be the groom's offer?
Female Agent: That might be hard to get...

[[Nick sleeps in the foreground, slumped against a wall. Silhouettes of Fooker, Justin and Maddie are visible in the background.]]
Fooker: I have a funny feeling he won't have a problem with it...

Box: End Chapter Seven

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