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[[Dexter and Sharon greet Nick and Ki in the chapel shortly after the wedding]]
Dexter: Woohoo! You guys are finally hitched!
Nick: It may be a few days late, but it's definitely worth the wait.

[[Ki turns to Scott and Tim]]
Ki: We got some pictures to take, so we'll meet you guys over at the reception.
Scott: We will see to it that everything is in order, milady.

[[Sharon hugs Ki while Nick looks on]]
Sharon: Congratulations, you two. I couldn't be happier, especially after all we've been through lately.
Nick: We wouldn't be here without you guys. Thanks.

[[Fooker puts a hand on Nick's shoulder with a sly smile on his face while Ki looks on]]
Fooker: Ah, the old ball and chain. Feeling henpecked yet, Nickster?
Ki: Someone's got a date with Mr. Pookel later. But I'm so happy right now that I don't care.

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