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Patty: Dang it... I do *not* cry. I am *incapable* of crying. I've had my tear ducts cauterized.
Dexter: It's okay, Patty...

Dexter: That's all in the past. We all make mistakes. Heck, ask anyone here, especially Ki, and they'll tell you I'm the king of insensitivity and selfishness. But I've changed, and they forgave me.

Dexter: I doubt you'll probably ever see that guy again, but maybe if you open up, you'll find someone else. Every relationship has its vulnerabilities and risk. That's what makes them worth it, even if they fail.

Patty: That's... very wise advice, Dexter.
Dexter: Eh, I may not be a wrinkly green Muppet, but I *do* listen to the Force...

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