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[[The wedding reception. At the upper right, Ki, smiling, descends a staircase followed by Nick. Ki is in her wedding gown. Nick has removed his jacket and is wearing a ruffly white shirt, black trousers, and green vest and bow tie. At the foot of the staircase, to their left, Fooker addresses the crowd, looking back over his shoulder and gesturing with his left thumb toward Ki and Nick. He is dressed like Nick, with his jacket off. Behind Fooker to his right (stage left) is a table that holds something tall that could be the cake, a punch fountain, or a stack of wedding presents. Behind the banister of the staircase is some sort of shrubbery. In front of Ki, Nick, and Fooker is a crowd, mostly facing the happy couple. Most of the heads are gray and indistinct, but the recognizable ones include Otto Wisebottom (Nick's uncle), Charles Wellington (Nick's father), Wallace T. Bruin, Tim and Scott (formerly of the Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair). Slightly closer, in partial profile, are Sharon, Ki's mother, and Linda Wellington (Nick's mother). Yoshi, facing away from the staircase, appears to be eating something, bringing a spoon to his mouth. In the foreground are Patty, still looking jaded, and Agent #18, partially facing each other. Between them, Sydney, in her flower girl dress, smiles down at Persephone, who is still wearing her flower "girl" veil and sitting on a table next to Fred. As Fooker announces the entry of Ki and Nick, there is much applause.]]
Fooker: And here comes the couple of the hour!

[[Ki and Nick have joined the crowd and begin circulating among them.]]
Dwayne: Congratulations. So where are you guys going on your honeymoon?
Nick: Our lips are sealed.
Ki: Trade secret.

[[Dexter smiles as he tries to tease information out of them; Ki smirks as she answers.]]
Dexter: Aw, c'mon! Not even one little hint?
Ki: And have you guys follow us and try to give us a charivari? I don't think so.

[[Dexter returns to a group that contains at least Fooker, Scott, and Tim. He looks puzzled as he speaks.]]
Scott: So did you find out where they're going?
Dexter: Antarctica?

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