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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Mr. Oshiro: So... our children... now they are married.
Charles Wellington: It would definitely appear so.

Mr. Oshiro: Your son... he is an honorable young man. He has earned my respect, which is a difficult accomplishment.
Charles Wellington: And your daughter is a lovely young woman. I'm sure they'll be happy.

Charles Wellington: Nick has always spoken fondly of her, and the times we've spent with her have all been enjoyable. They make a cute couple.
Mr. Oshiro: [[bittersweet]] The gaijin and my little lotus flower...

Charles Wellington: You know, technically, if you immigrated here to the States, that actually makes *you* the gaijin...
Mr. Oshiro: [[angrily thinking]] And now I see where he gets it from...

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