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[[Fooker, Justin and Agent #12 are congratulating Ki]]
Ki: Thank you guys for coming. We could never thank you enough.
Agent #12: We hope you two live happily ever after.

[[Ki moves on to other guests]]
Fooker: So all the loose ends are tied up?
Agent #12: As best as possible. Amadeus will take us off probation... eventually.

[[Fooker and Agent #12 shadowed in the background, looking at Yoshi in foreground]]
Fooker: Did Yoshi's memory wipe take? Dexter's didn't hold more than a year...
Agent #12: So far, but he *was* resistant. We'll keep tabs on him, given his aptitude for mischief.

[[Fooker and Agent #12 in foreground, looking at Trudy seated in background, her head bowed over her hands]]
Fooker: And what about Miss Sunshine over there?
Agent #12: Her new identity is in place. Now it's time for her to make something of it...

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