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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Monday, January 7, 2008]


Sydney: Perseffome, we was the bestest flower girls there ever was ever and ever!
Persephone [[wearing a veil]]: I'm so happy I can barely contain my slime!

Persephone: Oh, Fred! It's so wonderful to be home! That other universe was such a horrible place, with evil twins and aliens...
Fred: I'm glad you got home okay, my sweet. If I had known you had gone...

Fred [[holding up his cell phone]]: Drat... it's Anderson Cooper again. He and Bill O'Reilly are in a bidding war to get me on next week, and neither will let up. Oprah's been leaning on me ever since I did Dennis Miller, and--

Persephone: Fred, I just survived an alien invasion in an alternate dimension. Can you log off just long enough for us to enjoy *one* wedding reception?
Fred: Coop can talk to voice mail.

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