General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Mischief is explaining some of her existence to Todd as they wait for the Gamester to emerge.]]
Mischief: There are many entities who care nothing about the mortal realms. They go about their self-important existences, seeing mortals as nothing but insignificant specks in the unpleasant but necessary plumbing of the cosmos.

Mischief: But one thing I've learned from the Gamester--and it was a hard lesson for me--is that it is *we* who are here for *your* benefit, and not the reverse. The extra-dimensional realms are a support structure to keep the mortal metaverse intact.

Mischief: Mortals are what give the cosmos purpose to exist. What that purpose is is debatable, but it's clear that your tiny lives, at least in summation, are why *we* exist. Most entities have forgotten that, including other guardians like us.

Mischief: But there are a few, like the Gamester and Justice, who realize just how precious mortality is and have pledged themselves to protect it. What's more frightening are those who see mortals' importance... and seek to *destroy* it.

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