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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Todd is holding Mischief, who is flickering like a broken lightbulb]]
Todd: Mischief! You monster! I'll--
Pandemonium [[off-panel]]: You'll *what*?

Pandemonium: Tell me, microbe, just what *will* you do to me? What can an infinitesimal flea like you *do* to a god like me?

Pandemonium: With Gamester and his minion gone, there is no one to stand in my way. By the time Justice and the Council finally catch on, the cosmos will be in shambles. So long, germ boy!
[[Pandemonium disappears]]

[[Disembodied laughter echoes through the area as Todd still holds the flickering Mischief]]
Pandemonium: MUHAHAHAHA
{{The beginning... of the end?}}

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