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Dwayne: You two have been at odds almost from the moment Scott started here. Let's get this out in the open and settled so you two can go back to work.

Scott: I mean no disrespect, sir, nor do I wish to be a disruption. Tim and I are but a remnant of the once powerful Brotherhood of the Twisted Pair, an elite cabal of hackers who seek to find "The One", the greatest hacker who will ever live.

Scott: Our research narrowed the candidates to two, Lady Sharon and Lord Fooker, neither of whom fulfilled the requirements exactly. Therefore we gladly await the birth of their heir, who we believe will lead us all to geek enlightenment.

Sharon: Translation: they installed webcams in our bedrooms and use GPS to stalk our every move in hopes of capturing the moment of conception.
Dwayne: And _you've_ let him live _this_ long?

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