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Dwayne: Sigh... All right. Scott, back off and leave Sharon and Fooker alone. You're dangerously close to harassment, and after Trent, I don't want to deal with that mess again.
Scott: Yes, sir.

Dwane: As for *you*, Sharon, I want you to check your temper and back off *your* intolerance of *Scott's* beliefs.
Sharon: Say *what*?!
Dwane: You heard me.

Dwane: You may not believe what he believes, but that gives you no place to show intolerance toward him. No matter how "out there" you think it is, *any* religion deserves respect in the workplace.

Sharon: That's easy to say when you're not the freakin' Virgin Mary.
Scott: I wonder if we could obtain non-profit status...

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