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[[Fooker and Trudy are standing in the door way of a cluttered office]]
Fooker: So here's your office. Sorry about the clutter but it hasn't been used in a while, so it's just been collecting junk.

[[Closes in on Fooker and Trudy who has an angry face]]
Fooker: Actually, the last person to use it was probably Trent, who took your... Er, who replaced our Trudy when she "left".
Trudy: It figures. That backstabbing, miserable, slimy--

[[Looking past the side of Fooker, Trudy has turned with a sheepish grin.]]
Fooker: I thought you and the Trent from your universe were, like, devoted and committed.
Trudy: We... were. I... was just imagining what a terrible person his "opposite" must have been like...

[[Trudy turns away resting her forehead in her hand Fooker looks around with a quizzical look on his brow]]
Fooker: Yeah... He *was* pretty much a low life weasily slug...
Trudy: [[thinking to herself]] I'm *never* going to get through this alive...

{{Business as Usual}}

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