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[[Trudy is thinking to herself]]
Trudy: Who am I kidding? I can't do this! They'll see right through me! They'll learn the truth and hate me all the more for lying... AGAIN!

Trudy: I HAVE to tell someone. I'll come clean. They'll still hate me, but maybe if I can show I've changed AND I tell the truth, maybe they'll understand my remorse.
Dexter: Oh, hi Trudy!

Dexter: I just wanted you to let you know we're all here to help your transition to our universe. Your alter ego was such a vile, selfish person (or so I've heard) that we know you'll have a hard time escaping her shadow, but we're all eager and ready to help!

[[Trudy forces a smile]]
Trudy: Why, thank you, Dexter. With your support, I'm sure I'll fit into this universe just fine!
Dexter: Do... you always grind your teeth? That's not really healthy, you know.

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