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[[Nick and Ki's cruise ship quarters are shown, with clothing strewn over the floor. Nick and Ki are in the bedroom, but are not visible on panel]]
Nick or Ki: So... how many times does that make it?
Ki or Nick: I... lost count, but I think we broke yesterday's record.

[[Nick and Ki are in bed, both undressed. Ki is reclining and putting her hand on her forehead while Nick reaches for a program]]
Ki: You know... there are other people on this boat. Maybe we should go out and socialize.
Nick: Well, there was a PERL track that caught my eye.

[[Ki smiles while Nick reads the program]]
Ki: Then again, I like the idea of making you unplug for a while. Force you to join the human race without the aid of ethernet.
Nick: So you naturally suggested a geek cruise, where WiFi flows like milk and honey.

[[Ki leans toward Nick, putting her hand near his neck. Nick casually tosses the program aside]]
Ki: Then again again, we do have three decades of pent-up sexual frustration to burn through.
Nick: Then again again again, some food might be nice to help sustain this marathon.

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