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[[Nick and Ki are dining with the captain in the dining room of the cruise ship. Nick shakes the captain's hand]]
Captain: Have a seat, Mr. & Mrs. Wellington. I hope you've been enjoying our cruise so far.
Nick: We have, and thank you, captain.

[[The captain, Nick and Ki are seated at a table. The captain holds a wine glass, near a bottle of wine on the table.]]
Captain: It's a little tradition of mine to invite honeymooners to my table each night. It reminds me of my wife when I'm away. Although, admittedly, we don't have many honeymooners on our geek cruises...
Ki: One wonders why...

[[The captain turns to Nick and Ki. Ki is smiling while Nick fidgets with his tie.]]
Captain: I admit I'm clueless when it comes to computers, except what it takes to run the ship. Have you been enjoying our programming tracks?
Nick: Actually... we haven't made any sessions... yet.

[[Nick turns to Ki as the captain is talking]]
Captain: I ... see. I promise you there is a lot more to see on this boat besides the inside of your stateroom.
Nick: Really? Personally, I've enjoyed that view immensely thus far...

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