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[[On the beach, Nick stares into space while thinking. Ki starts coming to below the panel]]
Nick thinks: And that brought us to here. The lifeboat caught on a reef just off shore and capsized. Ki grabbed me, the tide washed us in, I blacked out...
Ki: Ngh...

[[Ki sits up while Nick bends down and puts her hand on her back]]
Ki: I have a... sneaking suspicion we didn't drown... right?
Nick: Why do you say that?
Ki: If we were dead, I doubt I'd ache all over.

[[Ki looks around with Nick]]
Ki: So... where are we?
Nick: I came to just before you did, but a quick glance and a hunch says a deserted island.

[[Ki and Nick look at each other]]
Ki: And the inevitable '60s sit-com reference occurs in three, two...
Nick: You can be the movie star. I'll get started making a radio from coconuts.

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