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[[Ki and Nick standing on a beach in formal clothing]]
Ki: Before we go exploring, maybe our top priorities should be food & shelter.
Nick: Food doesn't look like a problem, if you don't mind fruit and fish.

[[Ki and Nick walking along the beach]]
Nick: As for shelter, I think I saw a cave back that way a bit, up that hill.
Ki: Cozy. Any ideas on how to get off this speck? Or should I start picking out curtains to match granite?

[[Nick looks at his PDA]]
Nick: Well, without the life boat, all we have is what's on our persons. My PDA is toast after that dunking, as is my cell phone, not that we'd get any signals anyway. So I guess the old standbys of sand carving and smoke signals will have to do.

[[Ki and Nick standing in place]]
Nick: At least our clothes, once dry, will keep us warm if the nights get cold...
Ki: I refer you back to my previous Indiana Jones wardrobe comment.

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