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[[Nick enters the mouth of a cave, looking into it, while Ki looks on from a distance]]
Nick: The cave looks empty from here, but we'll have to go in to be sure.
Ki: I'd much rather be certain no prior tenant will come back to evict us.

[[Nick, visible from the front, peers into the cave while Ki looks on]]
Nick: Pretty dark... don't happen to have a flashlight on you?
Ki: Gee, I left it in my other plunging mini-dress.

[[Nick's voice is heard off-panel while a shadowy figure emerges from the vegetation behind Ki]]
Nick's voice: Hold on... I think I see something. A glint of light, reflecting off something... could be metallic...
Ki: Metallic? Maybe it could be a radio or survival pack left by someone else...

[[Someone, possibly the man in the bushes, points a gun at a frightened Ki's head]]
Nick's voice: Um, I'll be sure to ask the nice gentleman with the gun if he'll let me...

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