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[[Ki, Nick, and a soldier walking down a flight of stairs]]
Corporal: Found this pair near the cave entrance, sir. Looks like it was their boat that capsized on the reef.
Voice off-panel: Good work, corporal.

[[Ki and Nick facing someone off-panel]]
Voice off-panel: Although the restraints are unnecessary. These two are... old friends. They pose no threat.
Ki: It _
_ be...
Nick: You've _
_ to be kidding...

[[Nick, Ki, and a man in the shadows]]
Man in shadows: Judging from your attire, it would be safe to assume you didn't come here willingly. I'd bet you washed overboard from that passing cruise ship.
Nick: That would be correct...

[[Close up of the mystery man]]
Nick (off-panel): Mr. Connery, or should I say, "Moldfinger"?
Moldfinger: Ah, it seems someone at the U.G.A. is getting lax with their memory wiping...

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