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[[Ki, Nick and Connery talking]]
Connery: No matter. You are free to go. In fact, you may stay at my private villa on the other side of the volcano for the next few days, to finish out what seems to be your honeymoon. Meals and services are on the house.

Ki: You're... not going to kill us? We could expose your hiding place to the U.G.A.
Connery: Kill you? I told you. I'm retired. My evil mastermind days are over.

Connery: And once you leave, this island will be destroyed, along with all traces of where I'll go next. So tell the U.G.A. all you want. It will make little difference.

Connery: In fact, my men will take you back to civilization on one condition: you must deliver a message to our dear mutual friend, Mr. James Baud...

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