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[[Outside Antony's Pizzeria]]
Voice 1: You mean you two really stayed there another three days?
Voice 2: Well, the chef made a really good filet mignon...

[[Fooker, Sharon, Ki, & Nick sitting at a table inside of Antony's Pizzeria]]
Sharon: Still, I think I would have been creeped out, knowing I was sleeping in an evil mastermind's bed.
Ki: Well, now he's got quite a show to watch on his CCTV.

[[Closeup of Fooker & Nick]]
Nick: So... Any idea about this "Colonel" and "Key Master"?
Fooker: Aside from calling Bill Murray about the "Gate Keeper", not a clue.

[[Closeup of Fooker & Nick]]
Nick: The way he said it seemed to imply you'd know who he meant.
Fooker: Maybe... But I've been out of the game for a while, so I don't collect the bubble gum cards anymore.

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