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[[Nick, Ki, Sharon, and Fooker are talking about Nick and Ki's honeymoon]]
Sharon: Run-ins with criminal masterminds aside, I'm glad to hear you guys had a fun and eventful honeymoon.
Ki: All things considered, I wouldn't change a thing.

Fooker: Geek cruise, huh? I'll bet you guys picked up a few new tricks.
Nick: I'd say we learned a few useful... techniques.

[[Sharon gives Fooker a nasty look]]
Fooker: Any new interfaces you'd like to share? Exciting methods of input and output? Data streaming into open sockets? Tunneling pipes? Dumping core?

[[Nick and Ki leave, while Sharon is still glaring at Fooker]]
Sharon: You're making obscure computer sex jokes, aren't you?
Ki: It's okay, Sharon. He can go fork himself.

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