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[[Justin on the phone in a UGA office]]
Justin: Hello? Hi, Jas. Yeah, line's secure. Got your message, just haven't had time to follow up yet.

[[Justin walking down a corridor]]
Justin: Yeah, no clue here either. Neither are aliases currently in use that I'm aware of. We put a flag in all the systems, so if those keywords crop up, we'll know.

[[Justin looking through glass]]
Justin: Oh, him? No change. He just sits there. Barely eats, barely moves. No clue how he sustains all that bulk while eating like a bird. It's like he's waiting for something, but we have no clue what that could be.

[[Justin looking in on Mr. Inertia in a yoga pose]]
Justin: Don't worry, if anything changes, you'll be one of the first to know...

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