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[[Dexter, Nick, and Sharon at a local restaurant]]
Nick: My PDA is my lifeline. Without it, I'm useless. It has my schedule, my contacts, tons of little notes, my encrypted password database... It's my neural core dump.

[[Dexter hits his glass]]
Nick: It's essential to my daily operations. I'm incomplete without it.
Sharon: And Dexter just spilled soda all over it.
Dexter: Huh?

[[Dexter bobbles the PDA]]
Dexter: Omigosh! Sorry, Nick!
Nick: It's okay, Dex. I've done worse. Just let me dry--
Dexter: No, I'll get it. I'm really-- Oops!

[[A bike drives past the group]]
Nick: Where'd it go? Please tell me it didn't fall into the--
Nick: street.

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