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[[Dexter enters Nick's office where Nick, looking disheveled, is at work at his computer.]]
Dexter: I'm really sorry about your PDA, Nick...
Nick: It's okay, Dexter. Accidents happen. It was getting old anyway.

Dexter: Ya know, maybe you should look into a smartphone. It's one less device to carry...
Nick: Eh. "Converged" devices are usually only good at one thing or the other, or worse, neither.

Dexter: That may have been true a few years ago, but they're a lot better now. I love my Blackberry, and it does everything I need.
Nick: Hrm. My phone is rather utilitarian...

Nick: At this point, I just need something. I'm barely able to function today...
Dexter: Did you know you've compiled that same module three times while I've stood here?

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