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[[Ki and Nick are in an Apple store as Nick plays with an iPhone.]]
Ki: An iPhone? I didn't think you'd go for an Apple product...
Nick: It's not PalmOS, but it's not Windows Mobile either...

Nick: It is a pretty sweet little machine. It's sleek, snappy...
[[Ki takes out a calculator]]
Ki: Yeah, but we're still paying for two honeymoons. I want to run the numbers.

Ki: The required data plan puts us paying 25% more per month. We'd also have to buy the phone itself. For that matter, I'd need a new phone, and that's not even getting to the fee for breaking our current contract...

Ki: We're looking at a good $900 more over two years than if you just got that Treo from our carrier...
Nick: Heh... multi-touch. Cool.

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