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Patty: Morning, Dexter. Did you have a good weekend?
Dexter: Hey, Patty. Not bad. I reorganized my Star Wars action figures alphabetically.

Patty: Um, right. Look, as soon as you're logged in, I need you to review Ki's table layout for the Grossman database. I think we need a few more columns and... Hey, what's that?
Dexter: Hm?

Dexter: What's a limo doing outside? Is Dwayne meeting some big shot?
Patty: Not that I know of. Wait... are they caterers? What's with the lime gelatin mold?

Dexter: That's... not gelatin. That's a slime mold.
Patty: Ah. The silver platter threw me off, but the red carpet clears things up...

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