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[[Fred is sitting in the hand of a man in a black suit, sunglasses, and ear piece]]
Fred: Dwayne, can we talk for a few minutes?
Dwayne: Sure, Fred. I always have time for my employees.

Dwayne: Who is this?
Fred: Oh, this is Klaus, my bodyguard. Don't mind him, but I wouldn't advise any sudden moves.
Dwayne: O....kay.

Fred: Dwayne, you've been very good to me, giving me a job when the university dumped me, standing by me through the Trent fiasco... I really appreciate all you've done, but let's face it. I'm not cut out for phone tech support.

[[Klaus scowling]]
Dwayne: Are you... quitting?
Klaus: I don't like his tone of voice, boss...
Fred: Easy, big guy. Save it for the shooting range.

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