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[[Fred and Dwayne talking]]
Dwayne: I suppose it's not that big of a surprise. With your "outing" in the wake of the trial, you've been in high demand.
Fred: Tell me about it.

[[Fred gesturing]]
Fred: It wouldn't be fair to either of us for me to stay. I'm constantly distracted by bookings and appearances. I can't do my phone gig for you if I'm in LA doing an interview, and I can't do the celeb thing tied to a phone and keyboard.

[[Fred and Dwayne shake hands]]
Dwayne: Well, I can't say I'm not disappointed, and I hate to see you go. However, I understand your decision and I wish you the best of luck.
Fred: If you ever need a celebrity endorsement, just let me know.

[[Bodyguard holds Dwayne back]]
Bodyguard: Sir, I must ask you to back away from the mold... now...
Fred: Klaus, he's clean. I don't want another Miley Cyrus incident.

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