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[[Fred and Persephone facing Ki, Nick, and Sharon, with movers in the background]]
Nick: Fred? What's this? Are you moving out?
Fred: On the nose. Pers and I are stepping up to classier digs.

[[Close-up of Fred and Persephone]]
Fred: We've got an upscale penthouse condo downtown. Just signed the lease yesterday. Even got some favors in with the health inspector to keep it favorable to our unique needs. I've been humming "The Jeffersons" theme all day.

[[Fred, Persephone, Ki, & Nick]]
Persephone: I'm really going to miss this place, Fred. And Fooker. Without him, we'd literally be nothing.
Fred: He's been holding us back, Persephone. He no longer needs us and vice versa.

[[Persephone, Fred, and Ki]]
Ki: Are you sure you can afford this? That sounds expensive...
Fred: I'm booked solid for the next six months. This is pocket change. I need the bling.

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