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[[Ki working on cables while Fred and Nick talk about the advanced Doctor Who script]]
Fred: So I'm supposed to be some sort of galactic jellyfish?
Nick: Not exactly. I think of Rutans as single cells of a massive, distributed multi-cellular organism.

[[Nick and Fred continue to talk]]
Fred: I guess I can see the typecasting as irony. So these solarans--
Nick: Sontarans.
Fred: Whatever. Mister Potato Head here tries to zap me with his magic wand...

Nick: The Sontaran "wand" is actually a very sophisticated weapon. It can stun, hypnotize, and cut through materials as well as kill.
Fred: Yeah, yeah. So we've been at war for a couple centuries...

Nick: Actually, most fans agree that references in the show indicate the Rutan
Sontaran war lasts at least 70,000 years, and that--
Fred: You're dangerously close to displacing Dexter as king of the nerds, Nick.

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