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Sharon: I've had it with Scott and his obsession to prove I'll be the mother of his geek messiah.
Tim: I'm sorry, Sharon. He means well, really. He just tends to be over-zealous.

Sharon: I don't get it. You gave up on this fiasco. Why can't he give it a rest?
Tim: I... haven't given up. I've just learned to be patient. I'm willing to let you and Fooker do things in your own time.

Patty: If you have this big a beef with Scott, why don't you just get a restraining order and be done with it?
Sharon: I... need to do some... research. I need to get all the facts before I fill out tons of legal paperwork.

Patty: Wait a minute... You don't know any of our last names, do you? And just how long have we been working together now...?
Sharon: I do too! Yours is... um... it's... er...
Tim: Busted.

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