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[[Fooker prepares food while Sharon watches a Harry Potter movie]]
<<AHHH! Hermoine, the troll!>>
Sharon: I'm exhausted. Scott has kept me such a ball of nerves today that I'm physically worn out.
Fooker: You can't let him get to you like this.

[[Fooker in the kitchen]]
Fooker: I mean, yeah. I'm a little weirded out by this "The One" business, but I try not to let it run my life. The Brotherhood can believe what it wants about us, but it can't dictate our actions.

[[Fooker brings back two bowls of food]]
Fooker: So I say chill, relax, and go with the flow. Eventually they'll be proven right or wrong. Either way, any kid we have will be ours, not theirs. So don't stress out, babe. All that pent up anger isn't healthy.

[[Fooker walks back into the living room, where Sharon is fast asleep]]
Fooker: So, do you think you can just relax for tonight?

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