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[[Trent reads his newspaper and Travis eats a snack on the couch as Harry lies on the floor and finishes Travis' homework]]
Travis: Aren't you done with my homework yet?
Harry: No, Travis...

[[Trent looks around his paper at Harry]]
Harry: The algebra isn't hard, but this would go a lot quicker if you'd let me use a calculator...
Trent: Absolutely not!

[[Trent yells at Harry]]
Trent: I will not have one of those confounded computing devices in my house! Your aunt and I have worked hard to exorcise those technological atrocities from our lives, and you shan't mention them again as long as you live under our roof!

[[Travis taunts Harry as the mail is delivered through the front door mail slot]]
Travis: So there, Hairy Geeker!

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